Welcome to my website!

My name is Rosemary Christie and I am an Ascension Traveler, as you may be, if you have found this site. At times I found my journey daunting, as I had many blockages, which I realized, when watching a lady called Lisa Transcendence Brown on YouTube videos. I couldn’t watch and listen to her for long, without my body aching.

A very high vibrational being Lisa had a past similar to mine, where she had suffered much. I decided if she could ascend then so could I with determination.

One day whist in my garden I fell over a little fence down on my knees, and knew that there was a message for me in this position. As I pondered I realized the knees where a prayer position, and an angel card, which I had picked later that day, verified this. It was saying, more  or less, that I wasn’t an island unto myself, and that I should turn to Source Power.

Knowing that Lisa was always saying we should go within, and go to our heart, for there in our heart was the Source Power, our Higher-self I decided to do that. That day was the turning point on my journey and I have never looked back since.

The tools on this web site are ones I was directed to use by my higher-self who prompted me to go to Google, to look for help, on whatever was bothering me at the time. Each time after searching I would eventually find a tool and use it, and each  time I got freer and freer from the blockages.

Everyone of us is different, and what works for one, wont necessarily work for another, but, if one feels right for you, then please use it with my blessing. Namaste